1. // D R I V E L I K E I D O T S H I R T O N S A L E N O W //

  2. As sure as night follows day, most things I worry about don't happen anyway. -Tom Petty

  3. Unfollowing ghosties/inactives LIKE/RETWEET so I know you're active!!

  4. i miss i miss i miss i miss i miss i miss i miss you 😶😶

  5. Już od 6 godzin powinnam spać, a nie mogę zasnąć i to jest cholernie nie fair, ponieważ wiem, że jestem śpiąca

  6. tomorrow I'm going to do a little Monday motivation on my app! I will be reading a devo from my new devo book! What times sounds good?

  7. If you think those stupid "text song lyric prank" videos are funny please unfollow me I don't want stupid people in my life

  8. Anytime I open my friend Laura's Snapchat I know I'm going to giggle

  9. But kind of a jerk if she really thinks I'm just a hoe for donations.... I'm a hoe for a lot more than that 😤😭😪

  10. Just trying to be someone that Allah is pleased with. I don't need all that other noise

  11. W odpowiedzi do

    I'm here for the drama, who are you going to drag? Spill names boo, we have school tomorrow

  12. i've already done this haha. i did the harry potter house duos which were the house colors!

  13. carl was so strong this episode as much as i love dragging him aw